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Explore our unique FiveM Tattoo Shop MLO – featuring modern design, vibrant accents, and spacious layout for the FiveM Shop experience.

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Discover an unparalleled tattoo shop environment with our latest FiveM Tattoo Shop MLO, featuring an exclusive design tailored for immersive gameplay. Our MLO sets the stage for an authentic tattoo shop experience, integrating advanced features with a player-centric approach.

Key Features of Our FiveM Tattoo Shop MLO

  • Distinctive Branding: Unique ‘Sunset Hills’ and angelic themes create a memorable shop identity.
  • Modern Interior Design: Sleek furniture and professional setup for a contemporary vibe.
  • Vibrant Color Accents: Ornate orange patterns on the rug enhance the shop’s vibrancy.
  • Spacious Layout: Ample space for clients and artists, promoting a comfortable experience.
  • Well-Organized Work Stations: Each station boasts professional equipment and a wide selection of inks.
  • Illuminated Signage: Provides a cozy ambiance and acts as a functional light source.

Why Choose Our FiveM Tattoo Shop MLO

Elevate your FiveM server with our tattoo shop MLO, designed to offer an immersive and realistic tattoo shop experience. Our MLO integrates seamlessly into the game, providing:

  • Artistic Decorations: Thematic wall art that reflects the shop’s creative spirit.
  • Reception and Waiting Area: A welcoming space for clients, complete with a reception desk.

By incorporating these elements, our FiveM Tattoo Shop MLO enhances the in-game environment, making it a must-have for server owners aiming for authenticity and detail.


Our FiveM Tattoo Shop MLO is more than just a mod; it’s an essential upgrade for your server, offering an immersive, detailed, and vibrant tattoo shop environment. With its unique branding, modern design, and functional features, it stands out as a top choice for enhancing the FiveM gaming experience.

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FiveM Tattoo shop MLOFiveM Tattoo shop MLO | FiveM Shop
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $12.99.
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