FiveM Stash House MLO | FiveM Illegal House

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Discover the edge in FiveM Stash House MLO: secure, discreet, and designed for the savvy criminal mastermind in fivem illegal house.

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Discover the ultimate hideaway for your illicit operations in FiveM with the FiveM Stash House MLO | FiveM Illegal House. This meticulously designed MLO (Map Loaded Object) is your one-stop solution for storing contraband, planning operations, and crafting weapons. With its extensive features and strategic layout, it’s the perfect blend of functionality and discretion for any criminal enterprise in the FiveM universe.

FiveM Stash House MLO Key Features:

  • Weapon Modification Table: Customize and enhance your firearms to fit any mission.
  • Gun Crate & 2 Gun Lockers: Securely store your arsenal of weapons.
  • Boxes & Duffle Bags: Ample storage for your illegal goods and cash.
  • Desk, Cash, & Money Counter: Manage your earnings with ease.
  • Computer & Security Camera: Stay ahead with high-tech monitoring and planning tools.
  • 4 Money Carts: Transport large sums of cash or valuable items securely within the premises.

Strategic Layout:

  • Entrance: A discreet entryway ensures your operations remain hidden from prying eyes, maintaining secrecy and security is best with FiveM Stash House MLO.
  • Storage Room: A vast area designated for storing stolen goods or contraband, cleverly disguised with dustbins and garbage to maintain an inconspicuous appearance. Hints of raw materials suggest activities like drug production or weapons manufacturing.

Ideal for:

  • FiveM Gun Crafting Locations: Perfectly suited for crafting and modifying weapons with its specialized tables and secure storage.
  • FiveM Illegal House Activities: Designed for those engaged in the underground world, offering spaces for planning, storage, and showcasing the fruits of criminal labor.

Embrace the dark side of FiveM with the FiveM Stash House MLO | FiveM Illegal House, a haven for the ambitious criminal mastermind. This MLO not only provides the essentials for weapon crafting and storage but also adds a layer of sophistication and security to your operations. Make your mark in the world of FiveM, where strategy, secrecy, and success go hand in hand.

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FiveM Illegal House

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FiveM Stash House MLOFiveM Stash House MLO | FiveM Illegal House
Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $7.00.
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