FiveM Sandy Shores Interior | FiveM House MLO


Transform your FiveM server with the FiveM Sandy Shores Interior. Immersive FiveM House MLO for realistic gang & criminal roleplay.

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Elevate your FiveM roleplay with this immersive Sandy Shores Interior MLO. This detailed house interior brings a touch of gritty realism to your server, transforming a simple dwelling into a true gangster’s hideout.

Key Features of FiveM Sandy Shores Interior

  • Detailed living area with worn-out furnishings
  • Basic bathroom for essential needs
  • Messy bedroom reflecting a chaotic lifestyle
  • Compact, rustic kitchen
  • Small dining table for meals and strategy sessions

Why Choose our FiveM Sandy Shores Interior MLO

Designed for immersive realism, this MLO enhances the gritty atmosphere of Sandy Shores.  The worn-out details perfectly capture the life of those on the fringes. Perfect for roleplaying criminal factions, gang activities, and intense storylines.

  • Easy installation for seamless integration
  • Optimized for smooth performance


Bring a new layer of depth to your FiveM server with the Sandy Shores Interior MLO. It’s a must-have for anyone seeking to create authentic, gritty roleplay scenarios in the unforgiving world of Sandy Shores.

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FiveM House MLO
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FiveM Sandy Shores InteriorFiveM Sandy Shores Interior | FiveM House MLO
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