FiveM Realistic Female V1 Ped

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Enhance your FiveM experience with our FiveM Realistic Female V1 Ped. Discover the best in female peds for FiveM with custom features.


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Introducing the FiveM Realistic Female V1 Ped, a stunning addition to your FiveM world. This custom ped features a realistic female character with unique style and flair, perfect for enhancing your gameplay experience.

Key Features of FiveM Realistic Female V1 Ped

  • Realistic Appearance: This female ped has long, dark hair and a natural, lifelike look.
  • Stylish Clothing: Dressed in a bright red, slightly oversized jacket.
  • Chic Floral Dress: A short dress with a black base and red floral pattern.
  • Classic Footwear: Simple black shoes paired with white socks for a complete look.

Why Choose Our Female Peds FiveM

Our FiveM Realistic Female V1 Ped is designed to bring a touch of realism and style to your FiveM game. This ped is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a high-quality addition to your custom peds collection.

  • Enhanced Realism: Perfect for immersive gameplay.
  • Unique Style: Stand out with a custom, fashionable look.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various scenarios and roles.
  • High-Quality Design: Crafted to meet the highest standards.

The FiveM Realistic Female V1 Ped is a must-have for any FiveM enthusiast looking to enhance their game with custom, realistic female peds. With unique features and stylish design, this ped will elevate your FiveM experience to the next level.

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Female Peds FiveM

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FiveM Realistic Female V1 PedFiveM Realistic Female V1 Ped
Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $4.00.
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