FiveM Prison MLO Pack

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Explore the ultimate FiveM Prison MLO Pack featuring high-security zones, a dynamic prison map, and immersive details.

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Step into a world of heightened security and intricate detail with our FiveM Prison MLO Pack. Designed to enhance your FiveM gameplay, this map offers a comprehensive layout with exclusive features, turning any game session into an intense experience.

Key Features of FiveM Prison MLO Pack

  • Immersive tunnel designs with realistic textures to enhance the atmosphere.
  • High-security cell blocks with advanced surveillance and controlled access.
  • A dedicated medical wing fully equipped with a pharmacy and medical facilities.
  • An interactive gym with a variety of workout equipment.
  • State-of-the-art security systems ensuring top-notch gameplay immersion.

Why Choose Our FiveM Prison MLO Pack

Our FiveM Prison MLO Pack sets the standard for security and realism. With exclusive design elements tailored to the FiveM platform, it ensures every detail enhances player interaction and roleplay scenarios.

  • Dynamic elements like functional doors and gates.
  • High-security zones including solitary confinement and guard towers.
  • Atmospheric details such as debris and obstacles create a realistic setting.


Our MLO Pack stand out with their detailed, security-focused environments that are perfect for role-playing. From immersive designs to dynamic elements, they offer everything needed to elevate your FiveM experience. Immerse yourself in a prison setting where every detail counts, crafted exclusively for passionate gamers who seek depth and realism in their roleplay environments.

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FiveM Prison MLO Pack

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FiveM Prison MLO PackFiveM Prison MLO Pack
Original price was: $65.00.Current price is: $40.00.
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