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Discover the ultimate in law enforcement with our FiveM Police Ford Truck and FiveM Police Cars, featuring advanced mods and superior design!

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Take your FiveM experience to the next level with the FiveM Police Ford Truck, a staple in virtual law enforcement. This model is equipped with advanced lighting and essential modifications to ensure high performance and reliability. Tailored for FiveM police scenarios, it stands out as a top choice for community patrols and high-intensity operations.

Key Features of FiveM Police Ford Truck:

  • Whelen Legacy Lightbar: Ensures maximum visibility with a variety of lighting patterns.
  • Front Pushbar Lights: Includes the Whelen 4 Head Dominator and LIN3s for enhanced frontal visibility.
  • Rear Setup: Features Whelen M4s and a Federal Signal SignalMaster TA for effective rear signaling.
  • High-Quality Interior: Equipped with a high-quality (HQ) interior, featuring essential tech like a Motorola Radio and Siren control.

Why Choose Our FiveM Police Cars:
Our FiveM Police Ford Truck is more than just a vehicle; it’s an essential tool for effective law enforcement in FiveM. With top-tier modifications like the Setina Partition and working cruise lights, it’s built for both functionality and durability in the most demanding situations.

FiveM Police Ford Truck Highlights:

  • Setina Partition: Ensures officer safety and separation within the vehicle.
  • Effective Communications Setup: Includes integrated systems for clear and reliable on-duty communication.

The FiveM Police Ford Truck is designed to meet the rigorous demands of FiveM Modding enthusiasts and virtual law enforcement professionals alike. With its superior design, advanced lighting features, and robust modifications, it’s the perfect addition to any FiveM police fleet, ready to handle anything that comes its way in the virtual world.

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FiveM Police Ford TruckFiveM Police Ford Truck | FiveM Police Cars
Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $3.50.
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