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Elevate your FiveM illegal RP with this authentic FiveM Pizza MLO. Hidden storage, detailed kitchen – perfect for drug operations & more!

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Elevate your FiveM roleplay experience with this immersive Pizza MLO. This detailed environment seamlessly blends an authentic pizzeria with the seedy underbelly of illegal operations. Perfect for immersive scenarios and dynamic roleplay.

Key Features of FiveM Pizza MLO

  • Detailed Interior: Experience a realistic pizzeria ambiance, with tables, chairs, menus, and a classic ordering counter.
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen: Pizza ovens, workstations, and appliances create potential for pizza-making scripts or roleplay jobs.
  • Hidden Contraband Storage: Discover secret compartments designed for concealing drugs and other illegal items.
  • Office With a Twist: Use the office as a legitimate front, complete with desk, computer, and plenty of weed packets.

Why Choose our FiveM Pizza MLO

This unique MLO offers a versatile setting for heightened role play scenarios on your FiveM server. Players can engage in realistic pizzeria activities while exploring the thrilling world of illegal operations.  The potential for customization and script integration makes this MLO an excellent addition to your server.

  • Flexible Design: Cater the MLO to your specific roleplay needs, with potential for both legitimate and illicit activities.
  • Immersive Atmosphere: Enhance your server’s realism with a thoughtfully executed and detailed interior.


Expand your FiveM world with the captivating possibilities of this Illegal Pizza MLO.  It’s a dynamic setting that promises to enrich your server’s roleplay narratives and deliver unforgettable experiences for your players.

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FiveM Illegal

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FiveM Pizza MLO FiveM Pizza MLO | FiveM Illegal
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