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Enhance your FiveM server with our FiveM Pillbox Garage MLO. Realistic design, specialized parking, at FiveM Garage MLO immersive medical RP.

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Transform your server’s Pillbox Medical Center with this comprehensive FiveM Pillbox Garage MLO. Featuring realistic design and ample vehicle storage, it’s the perfect upgrade for medical roleplay scenes.

Key Features of FiveM Pillbox Garage MLO

  • Your Choice of Structure: Select a multi-level garage with bridges or a spacious underground facility.
  • Specialized Parking Areas: Dedicated zones for ambulances, emergency vehicles, and civilian cars.

Why Choose our FiveM Pillbox Garage MLO

Our Pillbox Garage MLO offers a level of immersion perfect for serious roleplay. Players will appreciate the realism of designated parking spaces, customizable lights, and potential security systems. This upgrade significantly enhances the Pillbox area, elevating roleplaying scenarios.

  • Security Options: Explore gates, keycards, or NPCs for restricted access.
  • Roleplay Enhancement: Organized structure and features promote authentic medical roleplay.


Breathe new life into your server’s medical hub with our detailed FiveM Pillbox Garage MLO. Designed for realism and functionality, it amplifies the Pillbox experience and opens up exciting new role play possibilities.

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FiveM Garage MLO

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FiveM Pillbox Garage MLOFiveM Pillbox Garage MLO | FiveM Garage MLO
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