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Discover best in-game garage with our FiveM Paleto Garage MLO & FiveM Garage MLO, featuring multiple bays, branding, and a unique bar area!

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Unlock the full potential of your roleplay server with the premium FiveM Paleto Garage MLO. This meticulously designed mod offers an expansive garage in Paleto Bay, perfect for any automotive needs from repairs to customizations, complete with a vibrant bar and lounge area to enhance your in-game experience.

Key Features of FiveM Paleto Garage MLO

  • Multiple Garage Bays: Ample space for storing and servicing vehicles.
  • Fully Equipped Workstations: Everything you need for vehicle repairs and modifications.
  • Functional Doors: Realistic, animated doors that enhance immersion.
  • Decorative Elements: Artwork, neon signs, and more to set the right atmosphere.

Why Choose Our FiveM Garage MLO

Our FiveM Garage MLO not only serves as a practical facility but also adds aesthetic value to your game. With an open floor plan that includes a stylish bar and a cozy lounge area, it’s more than just a place to park cars.

  • Bar and Lounge Areas: Perfect spots to relax or socialize within the MLO.
  • Advanced Lighting: Creates the perfect mood for both work and relaxation.

Why Choose FiveM Paleto Garage MLO

FiveM Paleto Garage MLO to elevate your FiveM server with a facility that blends functionality with style. This MLO offers a comprehensive solution for all your garage needs, integrated into a seamless and engaging environment.

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FiveM Garage MLO

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FiveM Paleto Garage MLOFiveM Paleto Garage MLO | FiveM Garage MLO
Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $13.00.
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