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Experience FiveM Nopixel Burgershot MLO server with our authentic MLO. Perfect for immersive roleplay, it’s detailed at Burgershot MLO FiveM.

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Dive into the heart of Los Santos with our FiveM Nopixel Burgershot MLO, a meticulously designed interior that brings the iconic Burgershot from Nopixel to your FiveM server. Experience unparalleled authenticity, from the buzzing kitchen to the vibrant dining area, tailored for an immersive roleplay journey. This MLO isn’t just a backdrop; it’s the stage for your next great storyline, infused with every detail for the perfect Nopixel immersion.

Key Features of the FiveM Nopixel Burgershot MLO

  • Detailed Interior: Every corner, from kitchen gadgets to dining booths, mirrors the real Nopixel Burgershot.
  • Functional Features: Includes an integrated ordering system and designated staff areas to enrich roleplay scenarios.
  • Authentic Design: Features the Burgershot’s iconic signage and layout, ensuring a genuine Nopixel feel.
  • Immersive Details: Enhanced with parking, washrooms, locker rooms, and a manager’s office for full immersion.

Why Choose Our Burgershot MLO FiveM

This Nopixel Burgershot MLO sets a new standard for roleplay realism on FiveM servers. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, it offers everything you need for engaging, in-depth player interactions and unforgettable roleplay moments. Bring the essence of Nopixel’s Burgershot to your server and watch your roleplay scenarios come to life.

  • Roleplay Ready: Seamlessly integrates with servers, enhancing immersive roleplaying experiences.
  • Detailed for Depth: Rich detailing throughout for more meaningful player interactions.


Our Nopixel Burgershot MLO is the definitive choice for FiveM servers aiming to elevate their role play dimension with a dose of Nopixel nostalgia. It’s more than just a setting; it’s an experience, offering players the depth, authenticity, and immersion they seek in a Burgershot environment. Make it part of your world and let the stories unfold in the most engaging way possible.

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Burgershot MLO FiveM

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FiveM Nopixel Burgershot MLOFiveM Nopixel Burgershot MLO | Burgershot MLO FiveM
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