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Drive with style and power in our FiveM Non Branded Muscle Car. Perfect blend of classic muscle aesthetics and modern performance. 

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Experience the raw power and classic aesthetics of our FiveM Non Branded Muscle Car. Designed to deliver both performance and style, this muscle car embodies the spirit of iconic American performance cars. Dive into the world of high-speed chases and action-packed adventures with a vehicle crafted for enthusiasts.

Key Features of FiveM Muscle Car

  • Classic Design: Long hood and a short rear deck, capturing the essence of 1960s and 1970s American muscle cars.
  • Distinctive Front Grille: Vertical slats reminiscent of vintage muscle car models.
  • Performance Hood Scoop: Prominent scoop for enhanced air intake, hinting at the powerful engine beneath.
  • Racing Stripes: Dual racing stripes from front to back accentuate its speed-focused design.
  • Modern Wheels: Large, black, multi-spoke wheels blend modern flair with classic muscle car style.
  • Vintage Mirrors: Bullet-style side mirrors add to its retro appeal.

Why Choose Our FiveM Muscle Car

Our FiveM Muscle Car isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a statement. Designed for lovers of both tradition and modernity, it offers a unique blend of style and performance. Make your presence known on the streets of FiveM with this eye-catching muscle car.

  • Unmatched Style: Stand out with classic muscle aesthetics.
  • Superior Performance: Engineered for high-speed pursuits.
  • Iconic Touches: Racing stripes and scoop for that performance edge.


The FiveM Non Branded Muscle Car is more than just a means of transport; it’s a lifestyle choice. With its vintage aesthetics combined with modern enhancements, it promises an exhilarating driving experience. Whether cruising the city streets or competing on the race track, this muscle car is sure to impress.

As a, we do not support the official Car Handling for some of the cars. You may encounter slightly off handling with these vehicles. Please make sure to watch the video before making a purchase. Thank you.

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FiveM Muscle Car

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FiveM Non Branded Muscle CarFiveM Non Branded Muscle Car | FiveM Muscle Car
Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $3.50.
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