FiveM Mustang Cars

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Drive the iconic FiveM Mustang Cars. Experience classic style, powerful performance, and distinctive design. Addition to any FiveM Cars collection.

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Experience the thrill of American muscle with our FiveM Mustang, tailored for FiveM Cars. Boasting iconic styling and unparalleled performance, this virtual rendition of the Mustang enhances your gaming with both aesthetics and power. Drive the legend in FiveM and dominate the streets with style.

Key Features of FiveM Mustang

  • Iconic Design: Classic muscle car proportions with a long hood and short rear.
  • Aggressive Front Grille: Features the signature galloping pony emblem.
  • Triple-Bar Tail Lights: Sequential lighting adds a unique touch to the rear.
  • Performance and Sound: Powerful engine choices and a distinctive exhaust note.
  • Racing Stripes: Performance-oriented stripes extend from front to back.
  • Performance Wheels: Sporty wheels enhance both look and drive.

Why Choose Our FiveM Mustang

Opt for our FiveM Mustang to inject authentic muscle car vigor into your virtual garage. Not just a vehicle, but a statement of power and prestige, our Mustang model comes with detailed enhancements that promise both performance and presence in the world of FiveM.

  • Distinctive Style: Stand out with classic American muscle aesthetics.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: Experience improved driving dynamics and response.


The FiveM Mustang isn’t just a car; it’s a piece of automotive history crafted into your FiveM experience. With its aggressive styling, powerful performance, and immersive sound, it brings authenticity and excitement to your digital roads. Perfect for both casual cruising and high-speed pursuits, this Mustang is designed to elevate your virtual driving experience.

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FiveM Mustang CarsFiveM Mustang Cars
Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $3.50.
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