FiveM Meth Lab MLO | FiveM Drugs MLO

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Unleash your FiveM drugs MLO! Get the immersive FiveM Meth Lab MLO – hidden LSIA location, realistic meth lab setup, and more.

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Discover the ultimate clandestine operation with this immersive FiveM Meth Lab MLO.  Hidden within Los Santos International Airport, this meticulously crafted environment offers unparalleled realism for your illegal roleplaying scenarios.

Key Features of FiveM Meth Lab MLO

  • Secluded Airport Location: Experience the thrill of illicit activities in a remote and strategically chosen area.
  • Authentic Meth Production Setup: Detailed equipment, including crafting stations, brings the meth-making process to life.
  • Convincing Drug Paraphernalia: Enhance immersion with beakers, chemicals, and other essential meth-lab items.
  • Secure Storage: Stash your ingredients and product safely in hidden compartments.

Why Choose our FiveM Drugs MLO

This FiveM Drugs MLO delivers an exceptionally realistic backdrop for your FiveM drug activities.  From its hidden location to the meticulous details,  it fosters a deeper level of roleplaying and engagement within your server’s criminal underworld.

  • Expansive Potential: The layout is ideal for future add-ons and extended role play scenarios
  • Heightens Roleplay Atmosphere: Thematic props and equipment create a believable drug production setting.


Elevate your FiveM’s illicit operations with this FiveM Meth Lab MLO.  Its authenticity, hidden location, and detailed design will transform your server’s drug-related roleplaying experiences, fostering deeper immersion and unforgettable criminal storylines.

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FiveM Drugs MLO

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FiveM Meth Lab MLOFiveM Meth Lab MLO | FiveM Drugs MLO
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $12.25.
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