FiveM Mercedes Benz G65 Car

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Elevate your FiveM experience with the luxurious FiveM Mercedes Benz G65 Car. Boasting superior off-road capabilities.

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Experience the pinnacle of virtual automotive luxury with the FiveM Mercedes Benz G65 Car. Crafted for both elegance and performance, this FiveM car model brings unparalleled sophistication and robust capabilities to your virtual world.

Key Features of FiveM Mercedes Benz G65 Car

  • Powerful V12 Engine: Delivers robust performance and impressive torque.
  • Rugged Design: Classic G-Class boxy shape with modern luxury finishes.
  • Luxurious Interior: Leather upholstery, wood trims, and extensive customization.
  • Advanced Technology: Cutting-edge infotainment, navigation, and connectivity.
  • Off-Road Prowess: Equipped with locking differentials and a high suspension.

Why Choose Our FiveM Mercedes Benz

Opt for the FiveM Mercedes Benz G65 Car to ensure a blend of luxury and utility in your virtual garage. This model not only enhances your gameplay but also reflects a status symbol within the FiveM community, making it a prime choice for discerning players.

  • Luxury Meets Functionality: A high-end experience with practical features.


The FiveM Mercedes Benz G65 Car is more than just a vehicle; it’s a statement. With its powerful engine, exquisite design, and advanced features, it stands out as a top choice for gamers looking to enhance their FiveM experience. Dive into a world of luxury and capability with this exceptional FiveM car, where every drive is an adventure waiting to happen.

As a, we do not support the official Car Handling for some of the cars. You may encounter slightly off handling with these vehicles. Please make sure to watch the video before making a purchase. Thank you.

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FiveM Mercedes Benz G65 Car

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FiveM Mercedes Benz G65 CarFiveM Mercedes Benz G65 Car
Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $3.50.
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