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FiveM Meemaw Wash Saloon: Laundry roleplay & secret arcade! Enhance your FiveM shop with this unique MLO.

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Discover the unique experience of the FiveM Meemaw Wash Saloon. This MLO offers a realistic laundromat setting for roleplay, plus a secret arcade room for classic gaming fun!

Key Features of FiveM Meemaw Wash Saloon

  • Functional clothes washing: Utilize working washers and dryers for immersive roleplay
  • Comfortable waiting area: Relax with seating, magazines, and snacks while laundry finishes
  • In-game pricing system: Add an economic aspect to the laundry experience
  • Hidden arcade entrance: Discover the secret doorway to retro gaming paradise
  • Classic arcade cabinets: Enjoy iconic machines and nostalgic decor

Why Choose our FiveM Meemaw Wash Saloon MLO

Enhance your FiveM server with an MLO that delivers both everyday roleplaying scenarios and a dash of unexpected fun. The Meemaw Wash Saloon’s detailed laundromat and its hidden arcade add fresh roleplaying dynamics to your world.

  • Unique roleplay potential: Expand roleplay options with laundry and arcade interactions
  • Immersive details: Realistic machines and arcade decor boost immersion


Upgrade your FiveM server with the Meemaw Wash Saloon MLO.  Add a touch of realism with its laundromat, and inject some nostalgic arcade excitement, creating a standout location for your players. 

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