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Add the iconic FiveM Lucky Plucker to your FiveM server! Detailed FiveM Restaurant MLO with drive-thru, interior, and roleplay potential.

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Bring the iconic Lucky Plucker experience to your FiveM server! This detailed MLO meticulously recreates the familiar fast-food restaurant, complete with a vibrant exterior, functional drive-thru, and a cozy dining area.

Key Features of FiveM Lucky Plucker MLO

  • Authentic exterior: Featuring the signature yellow and red colors and bold Lucky Plucker logo.
  • Drive-thru functionality: Players can order food without leaving their vehicles.
  • Detailed interior: Includes booths, tables, an ordering counter, and restrooms.
  • Optimized for smooth performance: Ensures a seamless roleplaying experience.

Why Choose Our FiveM Lucky Plucker MLO

This MLO offers a unique and immersive roleplaying environment for your FiveM server. Players can work as employees, enjoy a meal with friends, or even stage robberies for a thrilling experience. The possibilities for dynamic roleplay scenarios are endless with the Lucky Plucker MLO.

  • Ready to use: Easy installation and setup
  • Potential for customization: Add your own unique touches (if desired).

Elevate your FiveM server with the Lucky Plucker MLO!  Add a beloved fast-food establishment that fosters countless roleplay opportunities and brings a touch of realism to your world.

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FiveM Restaurant MLO
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FiveM Lucky PluckerFiveM Lucky Plucker | FiveM Restaurant MLO
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