FiveM Los Santos Customs MLO | Mechanic Shops FiveM

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Elevate your FiveM server with our FiveM Los Santos Customs MLO, featuring realistic Mechanic Shops FiveM detailed interiors. 

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Dive into the heart of Los Santos with our top-tier FiveM Los Santos Customs MLO, a must-have for enthusiasts of Mechanic Shops FiveM. This meticulously designed MLO integrates perfectly with your FiveM server, providing a comprehensive mechanic shop experience. From custom sign boards to interactive interiors, it sets the stage for an immersive role-playing environment.

Key Features of FiveM Los Santos Customs MLO

  • Customizable Sign Board: Enhance your shop’s visibility with customizable texts, logos, and lighting options.
  • Interiors and Exit Points: Experience smooth transitions with multiple entrances/exits and detailed environmental touches.
  • Mechanic Hall Excellence: Equipped with workbenches, lifts, a paint booth, dynamic tools, and customization bays for a complete mechanic experience.
  • Reception Area: Features a customer service desk, seating, customization catalogs, and vending machines for a realistic touch.

Why Choose our Mechanic Shops FiveM

Our FiveM Los Santos Customs MLO offers unmatched realism and functionality for mechanic role-play. With a focus on detail and interactivity, this MLO elevates your FiveM experience, providing:

  • Realistic Car Parts Storage: Organized shelves, an optional inventory system, and secure storage.
  • Authentic Experience: From the grimy or pristine bathroom options to the reception and mechanic hall, every detail is crafted for realism.


The FiveM Los Santos Customs MLO is your gateway to a fully immersive mechanic shop experience in FiveM. Offering a blend of customization, detailed interiors, and realistic environments, it stands as a pinnacle of Mechanic Shops FiveM. Engage in deep role-playing scenarios, enhance your server’s interactivity, and enjoy a mechanic shop that feels alive. Transform your FiveM server with this essential MLO today.

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Mechanic Shops FiveM

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FiveM Los Santos Customs MLOFiveM Los Santos Customs MLO | Mechanic Shops FiveM
Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $11.99.
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