FiveM Lifeguard MLO

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Enhance your server with our FiveM Lifeguard MLO. Designed for realism and functionality, perfect addition for emergency services on the beach.

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Dive into a realistic and immersive lifeguard experience with our premium FiveM Lifeguard MLO. Designed meticulously for beachfront locations, this MLO brings an authentic lifeguard environment to your FiveM server, ensuring both functionality and realism at the heart of Vespucci Beach. Equip your server with the essential tools for emergency response and beach safety today.

Key Features of FiveM Lifeguard MLO

  • Lifeguard Tower: A multi-level structure for optimal observation and emergency announcements.
  • Equipment Storage: Fully equipped for rescue operations with boards, flotation devices, and medical kits.
  • Vehicle Parking: Ample space for ATVs, trucks, and jet skis, enhancing rapid response capabilities.
  • Realistic Details: Beach chairs, umbrellas, and signage to enrich the beach scene for a complete lifeguard ambiance.

Why Choose Our FiveM Lifeguard MLO

Our FiveM Lifeguard MLO sets the standard for lifeguard mods, providing an unparalleled blend of realism and functionality. With everything from a well-designed observation room to an essential medical area, your server’s emergency services will be second to none. Equip your community with the tools they need for effective beachfront safety and emergency response.

  • Comprehensive Interior: Features an observation room, locker room, break room, office, and medical area.
  • Enhanced Realism: Every detail designed for an immersive lifeguard experience.

Concluding, our FiveM Lifeguard MLO offers an unmatched, authentic lifeguard experience tailored for FiveM servers. It not only elevates gameplay but also ensures a comprehensive setup for beach safety and emergency services. By integrating our MLO into your server, you’re not just adding a mod; you’re enhancing the realism and functionality of your game environment, ensuring players have an immersive and responsive experience.

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FiveM Lifeguard MLO

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FiveM Lifeguard MLOFiveM Lifeguard MLO
Original price was: $13.00.Current price is: $11.27.
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