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Experience ultimate racing with the FiveM Lamborghini Essenza Car. Over 830 horsepower, advanced aerodynamics, and exclusive customization.


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Introduce the thrill of racing to your FiveM server with the Lamborghini Essenza SCV12. This virtual model is not just any car; it’s a pinnacle of performance designed exclusively for the track. Experience the power of Lamborghini’s strongest V12 engine and immerse yourself in a race-centric digital world.

Key Features of FiveM Lamborghini Essenza Car

  • Monstrous Power: Equipped with over 830 horsepower thanks to the mightiest naturally aspirated V12 from Lamborghini.
  • Advanced Aerodynamics: Features like a front splitter, massive rear wing, and extensive rear diffuser ensure exceptional downforce.
  • Race-Ready Technology: Benefits from racing tech such as a push-rod rear suspension system attached directly to the gearbox.

Why Choose Our FiveM Lamborghini

Our FiveM Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 is the ultimate choice for enthusiasts craving authenticity and high-octane performance in the virtual world. Not only does this model leverage cutting-edge racing technology, but it also offers unparalleled customization options to reflect your style.

  • Rear-Wheel Drive Excellence: Precision handling with a rear-wheel drive setup and a six-speed sequential gearbox.
  • Exclusive Track Use: Crafted for track use with no road homologation, it delivers a pure, unfiltered racing experience.

In conclusion, the FiveM Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 is more than just a virtual car—it’s a gateway to an exclusive racing adventure. With its powerhouse engine, superior aerodynamics, and personalization options, it stands out as a premier choice for FiveM servers. Ready to dominate the tracks? This Lamborghini is your perfect partner.

As a, we do not support the official Car Handling for some of the cars. You may encounter slightly off handling with these vehicles. Please make sure to watch the video before making a purchase. Thank you.

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FiveM Lamborghini

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FiveM Lamborghini Essenza CarFiveM Lamborghini Essenza Car | FiveM Lamborghini
Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $3.50.
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