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Dive into the most realistic prison experience with our FiveM Island Prison MLO & FiveM Jail MLO , featuring high-security facilities care.

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Immerse yourself in the most secure and detailed correctional facility within the FiveM universe with our FiveM Island Prison MLO. This meticulously designed modification offers unparalleled realism and functionality, transforming your role-play experience into something truly exceptional.

Key Features of FiveM Island Prison MLO

  • Comprehensive Prison Facilities: Realistically designed wings, cells, and common areas for an authentic prison environment.
  • Interactive Gym Facility: Equipped with various workout equipment to promote inmate physical fitness.
  • Gastronomic Haven: An in-house restaurant that caters to all culinary tastes.
  • Medical Assistance Center: Ensures the well-being of inmates with comprehensive care.
  • State-of-the-Art Security Systems: Advanced security for an immersive gameplay experience.
  • Dynamic Prison Map: Exclusive to FiveM, offering interactive exploration.

Why Choose Our FiveM Jail MLO

Our FiveM Jail MLO stands out for its dedication to realism and immersive gameplay. It’s not just a modification; it’s an expansion of your FiveM experience, providing a rich backdrop for your correctional facility role-plays.

  • Isolated Location: The island setting enhances security and role-play scenarios.
  • High-Security Cell Blocks: Designed with maximum security in mind.
  • Dedicated Medical Wing: A fully equipped wing for health emergencies.

In summary, the FiveM Island Prison MLO and Jail MLO offer a comprehensive and immersive experience, ensuring every aspect of prison life is covered. From high-security measures to detailed facilities for inmates and staff, this MLO enhances the role-play in the FiveM universe, providing a unique and engaging environment for all players.

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FiveM Jail MLO

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FiveM Island Prison MLOFiveM Island Prison MLO | FiveM Jail MLO
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