FiveM Hot Wheels

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Experience the thrill of FiveM Hot Wheels! Dive into a world of elaborate tracks and challenging stunts with immersive, multiplayer-supported racing.

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Discover the thrill of the ultimate Hot Wheels experience in FiveM with our latest mod! Introducing the FiveM Hot Wheels, an MLO that brings the iconic orange tracks and exhilarating stunt challenges to the virtual streets of FiveM. Perfect for adrenaline seekers and Hot Wheels enthusiasts, this mod promises a unique blend of high-speed racing and spectacular acrobatics.

Key Features of FiveM Hot Wheels

  • Elaborate Track Design: Navigate a sprawling network of orange tracks featuring loops and spirals towering over the city.
  • Challenging Stunt Points: Engage in skillful driving with strategically placed ramps and speed boosts.
  • Immersive Scenery: Enjoy the Hot Wheels-themed environment, complete with vibrant balloons and festive banners.
  • City Integration: Seamlessly transition between traditional gameplay and Hot Wheels-style challenges.
  • Multiplayer Support: Compete or cooperate in races that are perfect for community events and multiplayer fun.

Why Choose Our FiveM Hot Wheels?

Our FiveM Hot Wheels mod is more than just a game; it’s an adventure that transforms the urban landscape into a dynamic playground. With interactive elements like starting gates and checkpoint rings, players get to enjoy a realistic Hot Wheels adventure that is both competitive and thrilling.

Enhancements and Immersion

  • Interactive Gameplay: Starting gates and checkpoint rings add a layer of realism and competition.
  • Multiplayer Fun: Designed to enhance both competitive races and cooperative play.


The FiveM Hot Wheels MLO is your gateway to redefining gaming experiences in FiveM. With its complex track design, immersive elements, and robust multiplayer features, it stands out as a top choice for gamers looking to inject excitement and competition into their virtual world. Join the race today and unleash the fun!

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FiveM Hot Wheels

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FiveM Hot WheelsFiveM Hot Wheels
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $13.00.
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