FiveM Hookies MLO | FiveM Mutiny Gang MLO

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Explore the gritty FiveM Hookies MLO and FiveM Mutiny Gang MLO: ultimate hideouts for mechanics & gang enthusiasts. Immerse in luxury & action.

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Discover the ultimate FiveM experience with our FiveM Hookies MLO and FiveM Mutiny Gang MLO packages, meticulously designed to immerse you into the heart of underground gang life while providing unparalleled functionality for your mechanic needs. Dive into a world where the grit meets luxury, offering a comprehensive environment for both work and leisure. Our meticulously crafted MLOs blend dark, gritty aesthetics with touches of luxury, perfect for those looking to elevate their FiveM gameplay.

Key Features of FiveM Hookies MLO and FiveM Mutiny Gang MLO:

  • Gang Hideout & Mechanic Shop Combo: A perfect balance of functionality and atmosphere, designed for gangs and mechanic enthusiasts.
  • Mechanic Area:
    • Multiple work bays with lifts for vehicle repairs.
    • Comprehensive storage solutions for parts and equipment.
    • A lathe machine for specialized repairs and a spray booth for vehicle painting.
  • Gang Headquarters:
    • A spacious discussion room with a large table, ample seating, and a whiteboard or projector for strategic meetings.
    • Secure storage for sensitive information and multiple vaults for valuables in our FiveM Hookies MLO.
  • Boxing and Fight Club:
    • A professional boxing ring for training sessions and competitive brawls.
    • Equipped with punching bags, training equipment, and spectator seating.
    • An adjacent bar area for post-fight celebrations.
  • Bar and Lounge:
    • Comfortable seating booths, sofas, pool tables, and arcade machines for entertainment.
    • A DJ setup for unforgettable parties and events, alongside TVs for news and sports.
    • Thematic decor with gang-related posters and a wine bottle showcase.
  • Amenities:
    • Clean, well-maintained bathroom facilities with multiple stalls.

Our FiveM Hookies MLO and FiveM Mutiny Gang MLO not only cater to the essentials of gang hideouts and mechanic shops but also integrate leisure and luxury into the mix, making them the perfect choice for server owners looking to enhance their FiveM experience. With detailed design and functionality, these MLOs stand out as the premier choice for FiveM enthusiasts aiming to bring a new level of realism and immersion to their gameplay.

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FiveM Mutiny Gang MLO

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FiveM Hookies MLOFiveM Hookies MLO | FiveM Mutiny Gang MLO
Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $9.00.
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