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Bring the party to FiveM HenHouse Bar MLO has it all – nightclub, boxing ring, optional interiors. Upgrade your RP server now fivem bar mlo.

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Welcome to the Hen House Bar MLO, a must-have for your FiveM roleplay server! This premium add-on brings a whole new level of immersion to your nightlife scene. Whether your players want to own a bustling nightclub or experience the thrill of underground boxing, the Hen House Bar MLO has it all.

Key Features of FiveM Henhouse Bar MLO

  • Vibrant country nightclub atmosphere: Dance floor, stage, DJ booth, bars, and lounge areas.
  • Hidden underground boxing ring: Adds a gritty, exciting element for both spectators and participants.
  • Interactive elements: Functional lighting, doors, and other details enhance realism.
  • Optional Hen House Interiors: Potentially customizable for bedrooms, restroom, and kitchen roleplay experiences.

Why Choose our FiveM Hen House Bar MLO

Elevate your server’s roleplay potential with this fully-featured MLO.  Players will  flock to the Hen House Bar for live music, dancing, socializing, or settling scores in the boxing ring. As a server owner,  this MLO adds a dynamic spot that sets your world apart. It offers diverse entertainment options that will constantly draw in your player base.

  • Unique gameplay opportunities: Host events, tournaments, and more.
  • Versatile setting: Adapts to various roleplay scenarios, from casual hangs to criminal deals.


The Hen House Bar MLO injects authentic flavor and endless possibilities into your FiveM server. Get ready to raise the roof with epic nights and unforgettable roleplay experiences. Order yours today!

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FiveM Bar MLO

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FiveM Henhouse Bar MLOFiveM Henhouse Bar MLO | FiveM Bar MLO
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $9.00.
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