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Elevate your FiveM experience with our FiveM GSF Families & FiveM Gang MLO. Featuring an church, seedy hotel, and detailed gang lifestyle.

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Dive into the heart of gang life with our comprehensive FiveM GSF Families and FiveM Gang MLO. This meticulously designed multi-location environment combines an abandoned church and a seedy hotel, alongside a decrepit swimming pool and a myriad of rooms tailored for the gang lifestyle. From hidden stashes to hydroponic weed farms, each element is crafted to enhance your FiveM experience, offering unparalleled realism and depth to your role-playing scenarios.

Key Features of FiveM GSF Families 

  • Abandoned Church: Featuring pews, an elevated pulpit, and religious decorations, perfect for secretive gatherings.
  • Seedy Hotel: A labyrinth of rooms with a run-down lounge, designed for clandestine meetings and hidden stashes.
  • Exterior Amenities: Includes an overgrown swimming pool and a crumbling courtyard, ideal for surveillance or casual hangouts.
  • 7+ Specialty Rooms: From customizable bedrooms and a communal kitchen to a drug lab with all the necessary equipment for your gang’s operations.

Why Choose Our FiveM GSF Families 

Our FiveM GSF Families | FiveM Gang MLO offers an immersive and detailed environment for players seeking to explore the darker, more intricate aspects of gang life within FiveM. With a focus on realism and interactivity, this MLO provides a foundation for storytelling and gameplay that is unmatched in depth and engagement.

  • Authentic Gang Experience: Realistically designed spaces that reflect the gang lifestyle.
  • Versatile Environments: From weed farms to drug labs, tailor your criminal enterprise as you see fit.


The FiveM GSF Families and FiveM Gang MLO stands out as a pinnacle of immersive role-playing environments. Whether you’re plotting your next move in the shadowy corners of the seedy hotel, or managing your empire from the hidden depths of the drug lab, this MLO offers endless possibilities for engagement and realism. Dive into a world where every detail is crafted with your storytelling in mind, and experience FiveM like never before.

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FiveM Gang MLO

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FiveM GSF FamiliesFiveM GSF Families | FiveM Gang MLO
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