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Explore our FiveM Gang Warehouse MLO, the ultimate base for gangs in FiveM. Strategically designed for covert operations and storage.

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Introducing the FiveM Gang Warehouse MLO: A Strategic Haven for Gangs in East Los Santos


Discover the ultimate hideout for gangs in the heart of East Los Santos with our latest release, the FiveM Gang Warehouse MLO. This expansive warehouse is more than just a storage space; it’s a multifaceted facility designed to cater to the covert needs of gangs. From illicit operations to a front-facing mechanic repair shop, this MLO covers all bases for underground activities.

Key Features

  • Spacious and Hidden: Ample space to conceal guns, drugs, and tools, essential for gang operations.
  • Dual-Purpose Mechanic Repair Shop: A legitimate front that cleverly disguises the warehouse’s true purpose.
  • Advanced Surveillance Room: Equipped with a 3D map, files, and a private server for strategic planning.
  • Illicit Medical Facilities: Handle injuries and medical emergencies without attracting attention.
  • Illegal Gun Crafting Shop: An onsite facility for crafting weapons, crucial for gang warfare.
  • Concealed Gun Crafting Storage: A hidden box within the warehouse for storing and crafting firearms.

Strategic Location of FiveM Gang Base

Situated near East Los Santos, the FiveM Gang Warehouse MLO is perfectly located for easy access yet remains discreet for clandestine activities. The facility’s positioning is ideal for gangs looking to maintain a low profile while running their operations.

Why Choose FiveM Gang Warehouse MLO?

  • Security and Privacy: Designed for gangs to operate without the fear of exposure or interruption.
  • Comprehensive Facilities: From gun crafting to medical care, everything a gang needs is under one roof.
  • Realistic and Immersive Design: Experience a true-to-life gang hideout that adds depth to your FiveM gameplay.

Perfect for Various Scenarios

  • Gang meetings and strategy sessions
  • Storage and crafting of illegal weapons
  • Treatment of injuries away from public eyes
  • Covert operations planning


The FiveM Gang Warehouse MLO is not just a building; it’s a fortress for the cunning and resourceful. Whether it’s for storing illicit goods, crafting weapons, or strategizing, this MLO provides the perfect backdrop for any gang-related activities in FiveM. Immerse yourself in the gang life with authenticity and security. Get your hands on the FiveM Gang Warehouse MLO today and take your gang’s operations to the next level!


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FiveM Gang Base

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FiveM Gang Warehouse MLOFiveM Gang Warehouse MLO | FiveM Gang Base
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $7.00.
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