FiveM Future Formula Car

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Experience peak performance with our FiveM Future Formula Car, the ultimate choice for FiveM Formula 1 racing mods. Fast, sleek, and ready to race!

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Step into the future of racing with our exclusive FiveM Future Formula Car, an exceptional addition to your FiveM modding experience. Designed for speed and crafted with cutting-edge features, this virtual vehicle guarantees a thrilling ride on your FiveM server.

Key Features of the FiveM Future Formula Car:

  • Aerodynamic Design: Low, wide stance with a streamlined shape optimized for high speeds.
  • Advanced Cockpit: Closed cockpit layout enhances safety and aerodynamics.
  • Striking Colors: Eye-catching dark blue and vibrant yellow hues.
  • Innovative Stability: Rear vertical fins and innovative aerodynamics without a traditional rear wing.
  • Enclosed Wheels: Encapsulated wheels for improved airflow.

Why Choose Our FiveM Future Formula Car:

Opt for the FiveM Future Formula Car and elevate your virtual racing experience. This model blends advanced safety features with spectacular aesthetics, making it a must-have for any racing enthusiast in the FiveM community.

Distinctive Features:

  • Streamlined Front Wing: Provides essential downforce.
  • Minimalist Dashboard: Focuses on essential driving data, enhancing in-game performance.


The FiveM Future Formula Car sets a new standard for virtual racing within the FiveM platform. Combining state-of-the-art aerodynamic features, safety enhancements, and a captivating design, this car is engineered to deliver unmatched performance and excitement. Make it yours and dominate the tracks in style!

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FiveM Formula 1

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FiveM Future Formula CarFiveM Future Formula Car
Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $3.50.
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