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Drive the edge of innovation with our FiveM Ford Truck. Perfect for FiveM Modding, this truck combines robust design of FiveM Truck.

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Experience unparalleled performance and durability with our FiveM Ford Truck, designed specifically for the FiveM modding community. This Ford truck, particularly the Raptor model, is tailored to elevate your virtual driving experience in the FiveM universe, combining robust functionality with advanced mod features.

Key Features of FiveM Ford Truck

  • Robust Build: Sturdy construction ideal for off-road and challenging terrains.
  • EcoBoost Engine: Enhanced with EcoBoost technology for superior performance without sacrificing fuel efficiency.
  • FOX Racing Shox: Advanced shocks provide adaptive damping for off-road excellence.
  • Advanced 4WD System: Features a terrain management system to handle diverse environments.
  • All-Terrain Tires: Equipped to tackle mud, snow, and rocks with ease.
  • Distinctive Exterior: Recognizable Raptor styling with flared fenders and bold ‘FORD’ grille.

Why Choose Our FiveM Truck

Our FiveM Truck mod encapsulates the essence of adventure and capability. Not only does it boast a high-performance build, but it also integrates seamlessly with your FiveM gameplay, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

  • High-Quality Interior: Luxurious seats and cutting-edge infotainment.
  • Versatile Performance: Adaptable to various virtual landscapes.


The FiveM Ford Truck is more than just a vehicle; it’s a cornerstone of reliability and style for serious FiveM mod enthusiasts. With its superior build, high-end features, and striking appearance, it stands out as the ultimate choice for navigating the diverse scenarios of FiveM. Embrace the thrill of driving a Ford Raptor in your virtual world with our exclusive FiveM truck mod.

As a, we do not support the official Car Handling for some of the cars. You may encounter slightly off handling with these vehicles. Please make sure to watch the video before making a purchase. Thank you.

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FiveM Truck

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FiveM Ford TruckFiveM Ford Truck | FiveM Truck
Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $3.50.
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