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Elevate your FiveM experience with our FiveM Emergency Department Clothing Pack, featuring realistic uniforms and gear at FiveM EUP.

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Dive into the extensive realm of law enforcement and emergency services with our FiveM Mega Emergency Department Pack. Tailored to elevate your FiveM roleplay experience, this EUP (Emergency Uniform Pack) brings unprecedented realism and diversity to your game, covering various agencies and specialized units. Get ready to transform your gameplay with detailed, authentic uniforms designed for accuracy and immersion.

Key Features of FiveM Mega Emergency Department Clothing Pack

  • Comprehensive Uniform Collection: Outfit characters in uniforms from city police, county sheriff, state agencies, and more, including SWAT and detective roles.
  • Realistic Details: Each uniform features precise badges, patches, and insignia corresponding to their respective agencies.
  • Dynamic Equipment Options: Customize characters with modular gear like body armor and utility belts to suit any scenario.

Why Choose Our FiveM EUP 

Our FiveM EUP stands unmatched in its breadth and attention to detail. It enhances the role-playing experience by providing players with uniforms that mirror real-world emergency services, complete with role-specific gear and seasonal variations. This ensures a diverse and engaging gameplay that remains true to life, fostering deeper immersion and interaction.

  • Enhanced Realism: Brings your roleplay closer to real-life law enforcement scenarios.
  • Versatile Scenarios: Supports various gameplay situations from urban operations to rural search and rescue.


The FiveM Mega Emergency Department Pack is the ultimate choice for players seeking a comprehensive, realistic, and immersive uniform solution in FiveM. From the streets of the city to the backcountry wilderness, our pack equips your characters for every possible scenario, enhancing both the depth and enjoyment of your gameplay. Experience the peak of roleplay with our meticulously crafted uniforms and gear.

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FiveM Emergency Department Clothing PackFiveM Emergency Department Clothing Pack | FiveM EUP
Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $15.00.
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