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Upgrade your FiveM taxi MLO & FiveM Downtown Cab MLO. Prime location, modern features, and immersive design. Enhance your business today!


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Enhance your FiveM roleplay experience with our immersive Downtown Cab MLO. Establish your taxi business in a bustling environment, providing top-notch transportation services to your players. This comprehensive MLO offers a seamless setup for your thriving taxi company.

Key Features of FiveM Downtown Cab MLO

  • Prime Downtown Location: Strategically situated in the heart of the city for high visibility and easy access.
  • Welcoming Reception Area: Create a professional ambiance with a comfortable waiting area and a functional reception desk.
  • Dispatch Control Center: Coordinate your fleet efficiently with a state-of-the-art dispatch room.
  • Conference Room: Foster collaboration and strategy with a fully equipped conference space.
  • Auto Parts Room: Keep your taxis in top shape with a dedicated space for repairs and maintenance.

Why Choose our FiveM Taxi MLO

Transform your FiveM taxi business with this exceptional MLO. Designed for efficiency and realism, it empowers you to provide exceptional roleplaying experiences for your players. Invest in the growth of your virtual taxi company with this dynamic workspace.

  • Enhanced Immersion: Meticulously crafted details for an authentic taxi company atmosphere.
  • Optimized Functionality: Intuitive layouts and features streamline your operations.


Elevate your FiveM taxi roleplay with the Downtown Cab MLO.  With its well-appointed spaces and strategic location, this MLO sets the stage for success in your virtual transportation business.  Get ready to dominate the FiveM taxi scene!

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FiveM Taxi MLO

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FiveM Downtown Cab MLOFiveM Downtown Cab MLO | FiveM Taxi MLO
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $8.00.
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