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Elevate your FiveM server with the FiveM Digital Den MLO & Fivem phone store. Immersive shopping experience, roleplay-ready,  perfect for player.

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Transform your FiveM server with the Digital Den MLO, a premiere phone store destination designed to maximize realistic roleplay potential. This immersive interior brings the tech retail experience to life, boosting interactivity and engagement within your community.

Key Features of FiveM Digital Den MLO

  • Two Convenient Locations: Offer your players choice and accessibility with multiple store locations seamlessly integrated into your server.
  • Realistic Store Environment: The meticulous design creates a familiar and believable phone store atmosphere.
  • Dedicated Sales Counter: A centralized hub for immersive customer interactions with staff-ready computers and paperwork.
  • Efficient Payment Systems: Speed up transactions with convenient cash registers.
  • Mobile, Laptop, and iPad Displays: Showcase a range of tech essentials for browsing and purchase.

Why Choose our FiveM Digital Den Phone Store MLO

This MLO breathes life into your server’s tech shopping scene. Players can roleplay purchasing the latest gadgets, staff can manage sales – it’s the perfect setting for creating engaging storylines. The Digital Den brings an entirely new layer of realism and depth to your FiveM community.

  • Optimized for Roleplay: Designed with rich interaction opportunities in mind.
  • Ease of Integration: Sets up flawlessly within your existing FiveM server.
  • Player Appeal: Offers a popular and dynamic shopping experience.


Take your FiveM roleplay to the next level with the Digital Den MLO.  Let your players experience the thrill of browsing for and purchasing top-of-the-line tech within a carefully crafted, interactive space. Enhance realism and keep your server buzzing with this must-have phone store MLO.

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FiveM Phone Store

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FiveM Digital Den MLOFiveM Digital Den MLO | FiveM Phone Store
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $7.00.
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