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Explore the elite FiveM Delivery Race Truck Car with robust racing mods and dual-purpose agility. Perfect for any FiveM Cars enthusiast!

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The FiveM Delivery Race Truck Car combines high-speed racing features with the robustness required for delivery tasks, making it an exceptional addition to any FiveM car collection. Ideal for players who desire a versatile vehicle that performs well on both race tracks and delivery routes.

Key Features of FiveM Delivery Race Truck Car

  • Racing Modifications: Includes front splitters, rear diffusers, and an optional large rear wing for increased downforce.
  • Branded Decals: Features various decals and brand logos, reflecting typical racing sponsorships.
  • Roll Cages: Enhanced safety with installed roll cages to protect occupants during intense racing scenarios.
  • Off-road Capabilities: Raised suspension and off-road tires equip it for challenging terrains.
  • Compact Design: Modeled on small, nimble trucks like the Suzuki Carry, ideal for quick maneuvers.
  • Auxiliary Lighting: Equipped with top-mounted lights for better visibility in night races or special events.

Why Choose Our FiveM Cars

Our FiveM cars, especially the FiveM Delivery Race Truck Car, are engineered to maximize performance and versatility. With enhancements for both speed and safety, these vehicles stand out in any race or delivery challenge, making them a top choice for FiveM mods.

Enhancements Include:

  • Upgraded Suspensions: For better control at high speeds.
  • Enhanced Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of both racing and delivery tasks.
  • Streamlined Aerodynamics: Improves speed and fuel efficiency.


The FiveM Delivery Race Truck Car is an exceptional choice for gamers who thrive in high-adrenaline race environments but also require a vehicle capable of handling practical tasks like deliveries. Its dual-purpose design ensures it excels in diverse scenarios, backed by top-notch modifications and a compact, agile build. A must-have in your FiveM race garage!

As a, we do not support the official Car Handling for some of the cars. You may encounter slightly off handling with these vehicles. Please make sure to watch the video before making a purchase. Thank you.

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FiveM Delivery Race Truck CarFiveM Delivery Race Truck Car | FiveM Cars
Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $3.50.
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