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Own a piece of Gotham! Enhance your FiveM server with the  FiveM Davis Police Station MLO – detailed design, shooting range in Lspd FiveM.


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Transform your FiveM server with this fully immersive Davis Police Station MLO. Inspired by the gritty atmosphere of Gotham, this meticulously detailed police station enhances roleplay depth and sets the stage for compelling law enforcement scenarios.

Key Features of FiveM Davis Police Station MLO

  • Two expansive floors: Explore holding cells, interrogation rooms, offices, and a forensics lab.
  • Realistic details: Custom models and textures bring the station to life.
  • Shooting Range: Perfect your aim in a dedicated training area.
  • Helipad: Facilitate rapid response with a rooftop landing area.
  • Performance-minded: Optimized for seamless play on your server.

Why Choose Our FiveM Davis Police Station MLO

This FiveM police station MLO offers a level of depth and realism rarely found in other police station interiors. The detailed environments, inspired by iconic TV settings, allow your players to fully immerse themselves in compelling roleplay scenarios. It provides a unique and captivating base of operations for law enforcement on your server.

  • Garage: Provide a space for vehicle maintenance and modifications.
  • Parking lot: Offers ample room for police cruisers and civilian vehicles.


Upgrade your FiveM server’s law enforcement experience with this comprehensive Davis Police Station MLO.  With its intricate design, Gotham-inspired ambiance, and range of practical features,  this MLO adds a new dimension to your roleplay possibilities.

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FiveM Davis Police Station MLOFiveM Davis Police Station MLO | Lspd FiveM
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