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Add vibrant coffee shops to your FiveM server! FiveM Container Coffee MLO: detailed interiors, exteriors, & rooftop options at FiveM Coffee Shop.

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Transform your FiveM server with this unique FiveM Container Coffee MLO!  Add a touch of industrial chic and offer players a cozy spot to grab a virtual caffeine fix at any of six distinctive container FiveM Coffee Shop locations.

Key Features of the FiveM Container Coffee MLO

  • Detailed Interiors: Each shop features a meticulously crafted interior with counters, seating, coffee equipment, and décor.
  • Exterior Appeal: Eye-catching container exteriors, some including signage, outdoor seating, or even drive-throughs.
  • Optional Rooftop Seating: Offer stunning views with a rooftop seating option for FiveM Coffee Shop.

Why Choose Our FiveM Container Coffee MLO

This MLO pack offers a highly customizable and immersive coffee shop experience for your FiveM server. Elevate your roleplay scenarios with the trendy aesthetic of container cafes. Easy installation and seamless integration breathe new life into your virtual city.

  • Six Unique Locations: Deliver variety and choice for players.
  • Adaptability: Perfect for roleplay servers, adding depth to business or social scenes.


Upgrade your FiveM world with the FiveM Container Coffee MLO. Its detailed design, customizable features, and diverse locations  offer endless possibilities to enrich your server’s atmosphere and player interactions.

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FiveM Container Coffee MLO

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FiveM Container Coffee MLOFiveM Container Coffee MLO | FiveM Coffee Shop
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