FiveM Cokelab MLO | FiveM Coke Processing Location

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Own a cutting-edge FiveM CokeLab MLO!  Realistic industrial design, complete lab setup, and secure storage FiveM Coke Processing Location.

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Elevate your FiveM roleplay experience with this immersive Coke Lab MLO.  Transform a clandestine space into a full-fledged cocaine processing facility, complete with industrial details, essential lab equipment, and secure storage.

Key Features of FiveM Coke Lab MLO

  • Realistic industrial setting with exposed brick, pipes, and ventilation.
  • Detailed lab equipment, including chemical tables, distillation systems, and safety gear.
  • Heightened security with cameras, alarms, and locked areas.
  • Organized storage solutions for chemicals, gas cylinders, and finished products.

Why Choose Our FiveM Coke Processing Location MLO

This expertly crafted MLO brings a new depth of realism to your FiveM server. Players will be fully absorbed in the illicit operations, carefully navigating the lab’s equipment and utilizing the storage facilities.  The focus on security adds exciting roleplay scenarios and challenges.

  • Specifically designed for cocaine processing activities.
  • Enhances RP immersion and illicit gameplay elements.


Upgrade your Fivem server’s underworld offerings with this comprehensive Coke Lab MLO. Its meticulous details and functional spaces are essential for anyone seeking a truly authentic drug production roleplay environment.

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FiveM Coke Processing Location

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FiveM Cokelab MLOFiveM Cokelab MLO | FiveM Coke Processing Location
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $11.00.
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