FiveM Cocaine MLO Pack

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Discover the ultimate FiveM Cocaine MLO Pack for an immersive and realistic drug lab experience. Ideal for detailed role-play in secret.

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Explore the thrilling depths of the underground with our FiveM Cocaine MLO Pack, a meticulously designed virtual drug lab for the FiveM platform. This immersive mod offers players an authentic and engaging environment to orchestrate their clandestine operations, complete with high-tech setups and expansive lab spaces designed for various illegal activities.

Key Features of FiveM Cocaine MLO Pack

  • Realistic underground cocaine lab environment, ideal for immersive role-playing.
  • High-tech equipment and detailed, multi-zoned lab spaces.
  • Enhanced security features including cameras, alarms, and secure storage areas.
  • Detailed cocaine processing areas, supporting large-scale operations.

Why Choose our FiveM Cocaine MLO Pack

Our FiveM Cocaine MLO Pack provides an unmatched setting for players seeking depth and realism in their gameplay. The intricately designed lab spaces and equipment offer extensive opportunities for interaction and role-playing, making every visit unique and engaging.

  • Immersive, interactive drug lab environment.
  • Realistic cocaine lab setup on a hideout boat.
  • Detailed security features for heightened in-game realism.


The FiveM Cocaine MLO Pack sets the standard for virtual drug lab environments, offering an incredibly realistic and detailed setting for illegal operations within the game. With its complex design and interactive features, players can truly immerse themselves in the world of clandestine activities and strategic gameplay. Our MLO provides the perfect backdrop for thrilling narratives and intense role-play sessions.

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FiveM Cocaine MLO Pack

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FiveM Cocaine MLO PackFiveM Cocaine MLO Pack
Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $40.00.
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