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Experience luxury living in the FiveM universe with the FiveM City House MLO V2, a Vinewood marvel with top-tier FiveM MLO Houses.

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Introducing the FiveM City House MLO V2, a striking embodiment of luxury and functionality located in the upscale neighborhood of Vinewood at FiveM MLO Houses. This Map Location Object (MLO) is meticulously crafted to offer a premium living experience, setting a new benchmark for elegance and comfort in the FiveM universe. Ideal for players who value sophistication and style, the City House MLO V2 is a testament to modern architecture and design within the dynamic world of FiveM.

FiveM City House Mlo V2 Key Features:

  • Ground Floor Glamour: The ground floor houses a lavish living area, complete with plush couches and an optional fireplace, providing a perfect setting for relaxation and socializing. Culinary enthusiasts will appreciate the dream kitchen, which features a sleek design, high-end stainless steel appliances, and ample storage space for a seamless cooking experience.
  • Elegant Bedrooms: The house boasts elegantly designed bedrooms, offering a serene retreat with modern comforts and a touch of luxury.
  • Scenic Views: Enjoy stunning views of the Vinewood area, adding to the house’s allure and providing a picturesque backdrop for your daily activities.
  • Outdoor Entertainment Space: The property includes beautifully landscaped outdoor areas for entertainment and relaxation, perfect for hosting gatherings or enjoying quiet moments.

In summary, the FiveM City House MLO V2 and FiveM MLO Houses offers an unparalleled living experience, combining modern luxury with functional elegance. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated abode or a glamorous retreat, this MLO provides the perfect setting for an elevated lifestyle in the exciting world of FiveM.

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FiveM City House Mlo V2FiveM City House Mlo V2 | FiveM MLO Houses
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $8.00.
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