FiveM City Hall MLO | Court House MLO FiveM

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Explore our expertly crafted FiveM City Hall MLO and Court House MLO FiveM. Enhance your game with detailed city hall and courthouse interiors.

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Dive into the heart of civic operations with our meticulously designed FiveM City Hall MLO and Court House MLO FiveM. This module brings unprecedented realism and functionality to your virtual city, offering a comprehensive setting for governance and justice.

Key Features of FiveM City Hall MLO:

  • Grand Entrance/Lobby: Majestic design with high ceilings, creating a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Administrative Offices: Fully equipped for handling city operations like permits and licenses.
  • Mayor’s Office: Elegantly furnished, featuring stunning views for the city leader.
  • Council Chambers: Impressively large and ornate, ideal for public meetings and debates.
  • Courtroom(s): From simple to elaborate, tailored for legal proceedings.
  • Interactive Elements: Functional clocks, information boards, and check-in kiosks enhance immersion.
  • Main Hall: Versatile space for city events and gatherings.
  • Conference Room: Perfect for collaborative meetings or press events.

Why Choose our Courthouse MLO FiveM:

Experience the ultimate in realism with our Court House MLO FiveM, designed for immersive and dynamic legal scenarios. Perfect for role-playing intricate judicial processes within your FiveM environment.

Court House MLO Features:

  • Detailed Courtrooms: Authentic environments for trials and hearings.
  • Judge’s Chambers: Private and well-appointed for decision-making.
  • Jury Rooms: Secluded spaces for jury deliberation.
  • Public Galleries: Areas for spectators to observe proceedings.


Our FiveM City Hall MLO and Court House MLO FiveM are essential additions to any FiveM server seeking to elevate roleplay realism. With intricate details and functional spaces, they provide perfect venues for civic and legal role-playing, ensuring a rich and immersive user experience. Equip your virtual city with the best in modding quality.

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Court House MLO FiveM

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FiveM City Hall MLOFiveM City Hall MLO | Court House MLO FiveM
Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $12.99.
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