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Own a piece of prime FiveM real estate with the FiveM Chumash house MLO. Spacious, immersive, and perfect roleplaying in FiveM House MLO.


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Elevate your FiveM roleplaying experience with this exceptional Chumash House MLO. Designed for comfort and functionality, this house offers the perfect setting for realistic and immersive in-game living.

Key Features of FiveM Chumash House MLO

  • Spacious, multifaceted layout for realistic living situations.
  • Ample storage throughout the house.
  • Comfortable living room ideal for socializing and roleplay.
  • Functional kitchen to enhance food-related scenarios.
  • Private bathroom for player character needs.
  • Two bedrooms for flexibility and multi-player living.
  • Dedicated office for focused roleplaying.

Why Choose Our FiveM Chumash House MLO

This expertly crafted MLO delivers a superior home experience within your FiveM server.  Meticulously designed and focused on realistic roleplay, it enhances player immersion and offers a space for characters to call their own.

  • Immersive Detail: The detailed layout promotes organic roleplaying scenarios.
  • Community-Friendly: Ideal for group hangouts and collaborative storylines.


Upgrade your FiveM world with the Chumash House MLO. Its thoughtful  design and practical features set the stage for endless roleplaying possibilities, making it a valuable addition to your server.

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FiveM House MLO

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FiveM Chumash houseFiveM Chumash house | FiveM House MLO
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $12.25.
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