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Upgrade your server with our FiveM Car Preview Shell MLO. FiveM Car dealer MLO experience for players. Shop now!

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Elevate your FiveM server with this immersive Car Preview Shell MLO. Create the perfect car dealership environment  where players can explore vehicles in detail, fueling their automotive dreams.

Key Features of FiveM Car Preview Shell

  • Three diverse locations: Offer a dynamic car-browsing experience.
  • Spacious showroom: Showcase multiple vehicles comfortably for optimal viewing.
  • Rotating platforms: Allow for complete 360-degree vehicle inspection
  • Superior lighting: Highlight car features and colors with precision
  • Optional Customization/Mod Shop: Enhance player experience with modification previews

Why Choose our FiveM Car Dealer MLO

Our meticulously crafted Car Preview Shell MLO is designed to transform your FiveM server into the ultimate automotive hub. With its focus on detail, customizable options, and immersive atmosphere, players will be captivated by the realistic car-buying experience you offer.

  • Designed for flexibility: Adapt to your unique server and roleplay vision
  • High-quality construction: Ensures seamless integration and polished looks
  • Player-focused: Drive engagement and heighten immersion in your virtual world


This FiveM Car Preview Shell MLO is your key to establishing a premier car dealership on your server. Grant players the power to thoroughly examine, customize, and dream about their perfect ride. Create a dynamic automotive marketplace that they’ll never want to leave.

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FiveM Car Dealer MLO

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FiveM Car Preview ShellFiveM Car Preview Shell | FiveM Car Dealer MLO
Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $5.00.
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