FiveM Can Am X3 Buggy Car

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Explore the great outdoors with the FiveM Can Am X3 Buggy Car, a top-tier off-road vehicle designed for ultimate performance and safety. 

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Unleash the ultimate off-road experience with our FiveM Can Am X3 Buggy Car. Designed for enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies, this buggy blends advanced technology with rugged durability to tackle any terrain. Whether you’re dashing through dunes or conquering rough trails, the FiveM Buggy is your ticket to unparalleled adventure.

Key Features of the FiveM Can Am X3 Buggy Car

  • Off-road Design: High ground clearance and large tires perfect for rough terrains.
  • Open Cockpit: Enjoy unobstructed views with a classic dune buggy feel.
  • Roll Cage: Enhanced safety with a sturdy roll cage for rollover protection.
  • Long Travel Suspension: Superior handling and improved ride quality across uneven surfaces.
  • Lightweight Frame: Tubular steel or aluminum frame for optimal performance.

Why Choose Our FiveM Can Am X3 Buggy Car

Opt for the FiveM Can Am X3 Buggy Car for an exceptional blend of performance and design. This model not only promises excitement with every ride but also ensures safety with its robust construction and reliable features. It’s the ideal choice for both new adventurers and seasoned off-road drivers.

Enhanced Features

  • Rear-Engine Layout: Better traction with the rear-engine setup.
  • Sport Seats and Harnesses: Secure and comfortable seating designed for high speeds.


The FiveM Can Am X3 Buggy Car is more than just a vehicle; it’s an adventure partner that stands by you over every hill and dale. With its robust design, innovative features, and uncompromising safety, this buggy car is perfect for those who demand the best in off-road performance. Experience the thrill of the drive—wherever it may lead—with our top-tier FiveM Buggy.

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FiveM Can Am X3 Buggy Car

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FiveM Can Am X3 Buggy CarFiveM Can Am X3 Buggy Car
Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $3.50.
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