FiveM Boy V1 Ped

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Discover the FiveM Boy V1 Ped with red dreadlocks and stylish Nike gear. Enhance your FiveM experience with custom peds from FiveM Peds. 

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Introducing the FiveM Boy V1 Ped, a custom ped designed to enhance your FiveM experience. This teenage boy ped features red dreadlocks styled upwards, dark skin tone, and trendy clothing, making him a standout character in your FiveM world.

Key Features of FiveM Boy V1 Ped

  • Red dreadlocks styled upwards
  • Black t-shirt with a red and white Nike logo
  • Light blue ripped jeans
  • Red and black sneakers
  • Red beaded necklace

Why Choose Our FiveM Boy V1 Ped

The FiveM Boy V1 Ped offers unique customization to your FiveM server. With realistic details and stylish attire, this ped adds character and depth to your game.

  • Unique teenage boy appearance
  • Detailed clothing and accessories
  • Perfect for enhancing server aesthetics

Enhance your FiveM experience with the FiveM Boy V1 Ped. This custom ped, complete with red dreadlocks, Nike gear, and a stylish look, is designed to stand out. Add this ped to your FiveM server and enjoy a new level of customization.

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FiveM Boy V1 PedFiveM Boy V1 Ped
Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $4.00.
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