FiveM Blip Creator | An advanced blips creator fivem management tool


FiveM Blip Creator and management resource, with compatibility for qb-core, and es_extended framework using cool unique UI.

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Blips Creator fivem is a React-based FiveM script for managing blips in QB and ESX. It is a powerful tool that can be used to improve the productivity of developers and server owners who work with QB and ESX.

Enhance Your Server with FiveM Blip Creator
Take your server to the next level with the FiveM Blip Creator, a React-based tool designed to streamline blip management in QB and ESX. This fivem blip creator offers a robust range of features that greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of developers and server owners.

User-Friendly Interface
With a simple and intuitive user interface, our blip creator for fivem makes it easy to create, read, update, and delete blips. The drag-and-drop features simplify the process of creating and editing blips, making this blip maker fivem a breeze to use.

Wide Range of Blip Images and Colors
Offering support for over 1000 blip images and colors, our blip creator fivem gives you an extensive range of options when creating blips. This ensures you can customize blips to suit your server’s aesthetic and provide an engaging experience for your players.

Customize Blips as You Please
FiveM Blip Creator gives you the ability to edit blips as per your liking. This means you can create blips that are linked to specific jobs, events, or other objects in your server, adding depth to your server’s environment.

Compatible with QB-core and ES_Extended Framework
Designed to work with both QB-core and es_extended framework, our blip builder fivem can be used on a wide range of servers. This compatibility ensures that our fivem blips script is a valuable addition to any developer’s toolkit.

Experience the Power of FiveM Blip Creator
With our FiveM Blip Creator, managing blips in QB and ESX has never been easier. From adding blips to customizing their look and function, this tool is all you need to enhance your server’s blip management. Experience the power and convenience of FiveM Blip Creator today.


  • Blip name
    • Used to easily identify the blip.
  • Flash Timer
    • Time in mili seconds after which blip will be flashed.
  • Blip Scale
    • Size for the blip.
  • Blip Opacity
    • Blip Opacity 0 to 255.
  • Tick On Blip
    • This option will add tick on target blip.
  • Outline
    • This option will add Outline on target blip.
  • Hide on Minimap
    • Enable or disable blip in the minimap.
  • Blip Flashes
    • Enable/Disable blip flash with timer.
  • Short Range Blip
    • Enable if the target blip visible in short range only.
  • Hide Blip
    • Hide created blips from map.


  • Sprite ID
    • Select blip icon from the list, We have all Fivem blips with images of blip .


  • Color ID
    • Select blip color from the list, We have all Fivem blips colors in the list.


  • Group
    • Framework dependent, referring to jobs, gangs, etc.
  • Grade
    • The minimum grade to allow access for the group (0 to allow all).


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blips creator fivemFiveM Blip Creator | An advanced blips creator fivem management tool
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