FiveM Bar MLO

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Immerse in the FiveM Bar MLO – a unique bar experience with stunning rock formations and a central bar. Perfect for roleplay servers!


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Discover an extraordinary underground social hub with our FiveM Bar MLO. This unique map features a captivating bar nestled within a natural cave environment, offering a truly immersive experience for your roleplay server.

Key Features of FiveM Bar MLO

  • Authentic cave ambiance: Meticulously crafted rock textures and dim lighting create a realistic subterranean atmosphere.
  • Spacious central bar: A fully functional bar forms the centerpiece for interactions and role play scenarios.
  • Varied seating options: Offer players a mix of cozy booths and open tables for diverse social encounters.
  • Optional ambient water feature: Incorporate a calming waterfall or glowing pool for an extra touch of mystique.
  • Designated DJ area: Set the mood with a dedicated space for music and entertainment.

Why Choose our FiveM Bar MLO

Upgrade your server’s nightlife with an unforgettable venue. This MLO provides a fresh, immersive setting for roleplay, encouraging player interaction and creative storylines.  Add a touch of the unexpected to your FiveM Bar MLO

  • Detailed and optimized: Enjoy smooth performance and high-quality visuals.
  • Easy installation: Get your bar up and running quickly.


The FiveM Bar MLO is perfect for servers seeking a distinctive and memorable social space.  Transform roleplay nights with this captivating underground escape.

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FiveM Simetric Cave Bar MLO
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FiveM Bar MLOFiveM Bar MLO
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $8.00.
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