FiveM Audi Q5

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Drive with style and performance in the FiveM Audi Q5. Enhanced realism, superior handling, and immersive features make it a top pick for gamers.

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Experience the thrill of driving with the FiveM Audi Q5, a fully optimized vehicle for your FiveM gameplay. Crafted with precision and care, this model offers an unparalleled blend of realism and performance, ensuring a truly immersive driving experience in the world of FiveM.

Key Features of FiveM Audi Q5:

  • Realistic Functionality: Enjoy working dials, mirrors, and a panoramic sunroof that enhances both realism and gameplay.
  • Visual and Physical Authenticity: Experience breakable glass, correct dirt maps, and no tint on lights and windows for a pristine and realistic look.
  • Enhanced Interaction: Fully interactive features with openable doors, bonnet, and trunk, along with hands correctly placed on the steering wheel.

Why Choose Our FiveM Audi Q5:

Choosing our FiveM Audi Q5 ensures not only a visually stunning ride but also top-notch performance and compatibility. Tailored for seamless integration into FiveM, this car elevates your game with its detailed design and refined mechanics.

  • Optimized Design: Lowpoly interior for better performance.
  • Superior Handling: Well-balanced base handling for an enjoyable driving experience.


The FiveM Audi Q5 stands out as a premium choice for gamers and mod enthusiasts alike. It combines aesthetic perfection with mechanical precision to deliver a driving experience that is both enjoyable and realistic. Perfect for immersive role-play and high-performance gaming, the Audi Q5 is the go-to vehicle for serious FiveM players.

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FiveM Audi Q5

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FiveM Audi Q5FiveM Audi Q5
Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $3.50.
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