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Elevate your FiveM server with our FiveM Apartment MLO & FiveM Motel MLO , featuring realistic interiors & immersive environments.

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Discover the ultimate urban living experience with our FiveM Apartment MLO and FiveM Motel MLO, designed to bring a new level of realism and detail to your FiveM server. Located in five distinct locations, each apartment and motel boasts a unique layout and ambiance, crafted to cater to various preferences and stories within the FiveM universe. From luxurious high-rise apartments to cozy roadside motels, our MLOs offer unparalleled immersion for players seeking a place to call home or a temporary stay.

Key Features of FiveM Apartment MLO and FiveM Motel MLO

Our MLOs are packed with features that set them apart:

  • Multiple Locations: Choose from five unique settings, each with its distinct charm.
  • Detailed Interiors: Over 6+ rooms per location, including bedrooms with TVs and telephones, comfortable living areas, well-equipped kitchens, and private bathrooms.
  • Exclusive Amenities: Some apartments include a state-of-the-art recording studio room, adding an extra layer of role-play possibilities.
  • High Customization: Tailor every aspect of the interior to fit the narrative and style of your server.

Why Choose Our FiveM Apartment and Motel MLOs

Our meticulously designed FiveM Apartment and Motel MLOs stand out for their realism and attention to detail, making them the perfect addition to any server. With features like:

  • Immersive Environments: Each apartment and motel is designed to offer players a realistic living experience.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of scenarios, from everyday living to unique role-play situations.


Elevate your FiveM server with our Apartment and Motel MLOs, crafted for those who demand the utmost in realism and detail. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious apartment or a cozy motel, our MLOs offer the perfect backdrop for your server’s stories, providing your players with unforgettable experiences and a place to call their own.

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FiveM Motel MLO

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