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Immerse in a world of knowledge with the Devis Library & FiveM Library MLO. Perfect for roleplay, learning, & relaxation on your server.


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Transport your FiveM server to a world of knowledge and discovery with the Devis Library MLO. This meticulously crafted interior immerses players in a classic library environment, perfect for roleplaying, studying, or simply relaxing.

Key Features of Devis Library MLO

  • Detailed bookshelves: Stocked with realistic book models for maximum authenticity.
  • Comfortable reading areas: Inviting chairs, tables, and lighting for a cozy experience.
  • Computer workstations: Expand the library’s functionality.
  • Librarian’s desk: A hub for interaction and roleplay.
  • Decorative touches: Globes, maps, and more to enrich the atmosphere.

Why Choose Our Devis Library FiveM MLO?

Enhance your FiveM server with a dedicated space for learning,  exploration, and roleplay. Our Devis Library MLO adds depth and realism to your world, offering players a  unique and memorable experience.

  • Immersive roleplay options: Perfect for librarians, students, researchers, and more.
  • Trigger zones and collectible items: Enable player interactivity


The Devis Library MLO is a must-have addition for FiveM servers seeking that special touch of realism and player engagement. Offer your community a haven of knowledge and roleplay possibilities.

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FiveM Library MLO

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Devis LibraryDevis Library | FiveM Library MLO
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $10.00.
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