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Explore a detailed Danish Police Station MLO for FiveM Police Station MLO secure cells, offices, and a helipad for immersive role-play.

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Discover the epitome of law enforcement infrastructure with our Danish Police Station MLO for FiveM, a meticulously crafted map location object (MLO) that brings unparalleled realism and detail to your FiveM role-playing server. Embrace the essence of Danish policing with a modern, fully-featured station that stands as a beacon of authority and service in the virtual world.

Danish Police Station MLO Key Features:

  • Exterior: The station’s dignified presence is marked by a Danish flag fluttering proudly. Benches dot the outside, offering a moment of respite for both visitors and officers, while a modern glass door ushers you into the realm of order and justice.
  • Ground Floor:
    • Seating Area: A welcoming entrance featuring a glass door, help desk counter, and comfortable seating arrangements for citizens.
    • Main Office: The heart of daily operations, equipped with a large desk housing 3+ computers, a dedicated files closet, notice boards filled with crucial updates, and the Danish police emblem. Amenities include a vending machine, coffee machine, RO water dispenser, and a fire extinguisher for convenience and safety.
  • Underground (Restricted Access): A secured section accessible via a hallway in Danish Police Station MLO, featuring additional coffee facilities.
    • Secure Jail Cells: For the temporary holding of suspects.
    • Dedicated Office Space: For authorized personnel, complete with computers, files, and essential office equipment.
  • Upper Level:
    • Chief Inspector’s Room: An authoritative space with a large desk, single computer, whiteboard, and a clock, surrounded by a files closet and a scenic window view.
    • Changing Room: Equipped with lockers, an RO water machine, and access to restrooms, ensuring officers are prepared for duty.
    • Briefing Room: Ideal for team meetings and briefings, featuring a desk with 2 computers, a projector, whiteboard, and a wall-mounted TV.
    • Rooftop Helipad: A strategic asset for quick aerial operations, enhancing the station’s operational capabilities.

This Danish Police Station MLO seamlessly integrates into your FiveM server, providing a realistic, functional, and immersive environment for role-play scenarios. Whether you’re coordinating high-stakes operations, processing suspects, or simply engaging with the community, this MLO offers a comprehensive backdrop that respects the essence of Danish policing tradition and the dynamic needs of FiveM roleplay.

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FiveM Police Station MLO

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