Cayo Perico FiveM | Cayo Perico Island FiveM

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Immerse yourself in Cayo Perico Island FiveM with our Cayo Perico FiveM. Plan heists, discover secrets, and dominate drug operations.

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Immerse yourself in GTA’s Cayo Perico Island with our FiveM MLO. Plan heists, discover secrets, and dominate drug operations in this dynamic setting.


Explore the infamous Cayo Perico Island in FiveM! This comprehensive MLO brings the luxurious and dangerous Cayo Perico experience directly to your server, offering hidden treasures and a fully functioning heist.

Key Features of Cayo Perico FiveM

  • Immersive environment: Explore the meticulously detailed island of Cayo Perico, including beaches, the mansion, motels, and a lively disco bar.
  • High-stakes heist: Embark on the thrilling Cayo Perico heist – perfect for solo adventures or with a crew.
  • Hidden rewards: Uncover concealed secrets across the island, such as rare weapons, stashes of cash, or other valuable loot.
  • Drug lord’s paradise: Plan extensive drug operations including ocean-based weed runs and risky cocaine flights.

Why Choose Our Cayo Perico Island FiveM?

Our Cayo Perico FiveM MLO delivers an unrivaled level of detail and depth. Enhance your roleplay experience with expanded possibilities for elaborate heists, drug operations, and island exploration. From seedy deals to extravagant parties, Cayo Perico has everything for your FiveM adventures.

  • Seamless setup: Easy installation for quick integration into your FiveM server.
  • Optimized performance: Ensures smooth gameplay, minimizing lag or disruptions.


The Cayo Perico FiveM MLO is the ultimate upgrade for FiveM servers. If you’re seeking a premium, action-packed island experience filled with endless roleplay possibilities, look no further!

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Cayo Perico Island FiveM

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Cayo Perico FiveMCayo Perico FiveM | Cayo Perico Island FiveM
Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $10.00.
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