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Step into the ring at Burgershot Boxing Ring MLO: thrilling matches, spectator seating, and memorable photo ops await FiveM Boxing Ring MLO.

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Experience the thrill of the fight at the Burgershot Boxing Ring, a unique FiveM Boxing Ring MLO located on the rooftop of the iconic Burgershot restaurant. This venue combines the excitement of boxing with the vibrant atmosphere of a fast-food joint, offering a dedicated area for matches, training sessions, or impromptu brawls. Spectators can enjoy the action from comfortable benches, capture memorable moments at the photo booth with a Burgershot backdrop, or refresh themselves at the drinks terrace.

Key Features:

  • Boxing Ring: Central to the rooftop, perfect for boxing matches and training.
  • Seating Area: Comfortable benches for spectators.
  • Photo Booth: Capture boxing moments against a Burgershot backdrop.
  • Drinks Terrace: Refreshments available for fighters and spectators.
  • Big Lights: Ensures clear visibility and adds a dramatic effect.


The Burgershot Boxing Ring merges the worlds of fast food and combat sports within the FiveM universe, offering an unparalleled entertainment experience. Whether you’re stepping into the ring or cheering from the sidelines, this fivem boxing ring MLO creates a lively and engaging atmosphere for all.

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FiveM Boxing Ring MLO

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Burgershot Boxing RingBurgershot Boxing Ring | FiveM Boxing Ring MLO
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $5.00.
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