Bayview Lodge Paleto Motel Mlo | FiveM Motel MLO

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Explore Bayview Lodge Paleto Motel MLO – the ultimate FiveM Motel MLO for immersive RP and with a perfect furnished interior.

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Bayview Lodge Paleto Motel MLO | FiveM Motel MLO


Dive into the heart of Paleto Bay with the Bayview Lodge Paleto Motel MLO, a meticulously designed 3-in-1 FiveM interior that brings a comprehensive and immersive roleplay experience to your server. This package includes a charming motel, a welcoming restaurant with a reception area, and a well-stocked general store, making it a versatile addition that caters to a wide range of roleplay scenarios.

Key Features

  • Three-in-One Interiors: A seamless integration of a motel, restaurant, and general store, each designed to offer unique roleplay opportunities.
  • Ten Unique Motel Rooms: Each room boasts its own distinct decor, ensuring a personalized stay with private bathrooms, working TVs, telephones, and more.
  • Lodge and Reception Area: Features include a fully equipped kitchen, pantry, janitor’s closet, and guest restrooms, all detailed for an authentic experience.
  • General Store: A realistic shopping experience with shelves stocked with groceries, supplies, and a working cash register, enhanced by a mirrored floor effect.

Explore the Details Motel

  • Unique Rooms: 10 distinctively decorated rooms with varying layouts, each offering privacy and comfort with ensuite bathrooms.
  • Attention to Detail: Each room is equipped with subtle amenities, including working TVs, telephones, and decorative elements like luggage and toiletries.

Restaurant and Lodge

  • Dining Area: A spacious setup with booths and tables for guests, offering a cozy dining experience.
  • Kitchen and Pantry: A fully functional kitchen with modern appliances and a well-stocked pantry, ready for any culinary needs.

General Store

  • Wide Selection: From groceries to supplies, the store caters to various needs, featuring display cases with miscellaneous items for a realistic shopping vibe.
  • Special Features: The mirrored floor adds a unique touch to the shopping experience, making it a memorable visit for players.


The Bayview Lodge Paleto Motel MLO stands out as an essential addition to any FiveM server, offering a blend of detailed interiors and versatile roleplay possibilities. Whether it’s a stay at the motel, a meal at the restaurant, or a visit to the general store, this MLO enriches your server with new stories and experiences. Embrace the charm of Paleto Bay and elevate your roleplay game with this exceptional MLO.

Enhance Your FiveM Server Today

Explore the Bayview Lodge Paleto Motel MLO for an unparalleled roleplay experience in Paleto Bay. With its attention to detail and comprehensive features, it’s the perfect addition to your server. Visit for more information and to make your purchase.

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Bayview Lodge Paleto Motel MloBayview Lodge Paleto Motel Mlo | FiveM Motel MLO
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $7.00.
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